The Nintendo DSi XL (Nintendo DSi LL in Japan) is a version of the Nintendo DSi with bigger screens, a new stylus, a new design and preinstalled games.


The DSi XL was released the 5th March in Europe and the 28th March in North America.


Weight: 314 grams

Size: 91.4 long x 161 wide x 21.2 mm tall

Processor: 2xARM 133 Mhz

RAM: 16 MB

Screen: 3,25 inch. LCD screen.

Battery: Li-ion 840 mAh. Maximum perfomance of 14 hours.

Cameras: 2x0.3 Megapixels

Slots and connections: Power, SLOT-1 (game slot for NDS cards), SDHC slot, headphone jack.

Wi-Fi: 802.11g (802.11i for WPA-WPA2 connectivity and 802.11b for NDS cartdrige games connection)

Firmware version on release: 1.4

Built-in memory: 256 MB


The DSi XL includes nearly the same software as its predecessor (exceot for the preinstalled DSiWare):

Apps from NDS/DS Lite:

- PictoChat

- DS Download Play

- Alarm

- Calibration Tool

Apps from DSi:

- DSi Camera

- Nintendo DSi Music

- Nintendo DSi Shop

- Flipnote Studio

- Nintendo DSi Browser

Apps from DSi XL:

- 6 in 1 Dictionary

- A break with... Brain Training (Letters)