DSiWare is a service for the Nintendo DSi that features downloadable apps and video games for either free or for a price. It is similar to the Wii's Shop Channel and WiiWare, though made specifically for the DSi. Games made available on the service are smaller than those that are available on WiiWare. It can be accessed on the Nintendo DSi's main menu. It was not included on the original Nintendo DS or its successor the DS Lite. Nintendo DSi points can be gained by redeeming a Nintendo Point card or purchasing points directly from your DSi. You have a choice of buying 1000 points($10USD, $15AUD, 10€), 2000 points($20USD, $30AUD, 20€) or 3000 points($30USD, $45AUD, 30€).

When the system was first released, Nintendo would give 1,000 free Nintendo Points to anyone who connected online with the DSi between its launch and March of 2010.

Nowadays there are four game categories that determine their costs:

  • DSiWare Free
  • DSiWare 200
  • DSiWare 500
  • DSiWare Premium (800)

Club NintendoEdit

All the games that are made by Nintendo are registerable in Club Nintendo. You just have to link the Nintendo DSi Shop account with the Club Nintendo account (available in configuration section) and from that moment, all the games you buy from Nintendo (or some others powered by Nintendo) will be available in My Games section in your profile and you will able to register them doing a survey and get some stars or coins.

In Club Nintendo you can also exchange stars/coins for Nintendo Points Cards to buy games.


These games are available in Europe. In other regions the game list can change. The game list was updated in 24/05/2010

Means that the game uses the camera


WarioWare: Snapped!


Pyoro (Bird and Beans)

Nintendo DSi Browser

ArtStyle series

Mixed Messages

RealFootball 2009

A pause with... series

Pop Superstar

Clock series

Calculator series

Sudoku 150! For Challengers

Asphalt 4: Elite Racing

Sudoku 50! For Begginers

Brain Challenge

Guitar Rock Tour

Sujin Taisen

Flipnote Studio

Pop+ Solo

Mario vs Donkey Kong. Minis March again!

Oscar in Toyland

6 in 1 Dictionary

2 in 1 Solitaire

MySims Camera

Yummy Yummy Cooking Jam

Dragon Quest Wars

Viking Invasion

Wakugumi Monochrome Puzzle

Combat of Giants: Dragons

Little Red Ridding Hood's Zombie BBQ

Bomberman Blitz




myNotebook series

Mighty Flight Champs!

Reflect Missile

Just Sing! Christmas Songs

Photo Face

Hell's Kitchen Vs

Littlest Pet Shop

Castle of Magic

Art Academy

Glamour Camera

My Pets and Me


High Stakes Texas Hold'em

Miami Nights

Dragons Lair


Move your Brain - Rollway puzzle


Electroplankton series

Legends of Exidia

New English Training


Sudoku 4Pockets

Let's Golf

Flips Terror in Cubicle Four

Puzzle to Go Wildlife

DOWNTOWN Texas Hold'em

Flight Control

Zoo Frenzy

Bird & Bombs

Dracula - Undead Awakening

Globulos Party

Pinball Pulse: The Ancients Beckon

Flips The Bubonic Builders

Real Football 2010

Dark Void Zero

Simply Mahjong

Elemental Masters

Pop Island

Simply Sudoku

Photo Dojo

Libera Wing

Car Jack Streets


Flips The Enchanted Wood

Gangstar 2 Kings of LA

Game & Watch series

SUPER YUM YUM Puzzle Adventures

Puzzle To Go Diddl

Ai Race Tunnel

Spaceball Revolution

Oscar in... series

The price is right



PocketPack series

Mr Driller Drill Till You Drop

Combat of Giants DINOSAURS Fight For Survival

System Flaw Recruit



Earthworm Jim


VT Tennis

Save The Turtles

Simple Solitaire


Metal Torrent

Flips Silently But Deadly


Chronos Twins

Fire Panic

Brain Drain


Sudoku Challenge!


Ferrari GT Evolution

Flips More Bloody Horowitz