Bird and Beans(known in Europe as Pyoro) is a DSi Shop game in which you are Pyoro, an ever-hungry bird with an appetite for beans falling from the sky, trying to catch beans with your elastic tongue. Depending on how high and far away the bean is, you can either get 10, 50, 100, 300, or 1000 points. The game ends when you get struck in the head by a bean. Whenever a bean is missed, it destroys the block it hits, which can limit  your ability to move. Also, if you eat a red-and-white bean, an angel comes and replaces a destroyed block. Eat a flashing bean to destroy all beans, 50 points each, and replace 10 blocks. A cool thing about this game is that for every 1000 points up until 20000, something new appears in the background. At 20k points, everything turns a nostalgic color. At 30k points, they turn black with white borders. If you manage to beat the preset highscore of 10k, you unlock Bird and Beans 2, in which you also play as Pyoro, but you shoot the beans to get points. When you only shoot 1 bean with a single shot, you get 50 points, when you shoot 2, you get 100, when 3 are blasted, the score increases by 300, and finally, 4 beans gives 1,000 pts. When you shoot multiple beans, the bonus goes for each bean. So if you shoot 2, you get 100 per bean, so you really get 200 total for the shot. You can find Bird and Beans in the DSi Shop, under 200 points.